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East Lake Shore Drive Co-Op

There is only one first client and this is the one. Work with this couple began with some small projects on their contemporary home in Deerfield. When their daughters went off to college, they decided it was time to move back to the city. The process began with the purchase of two units in an iconic prewar building in Chicago. With a team of architect, designer, and builder, a plan came together. Combining two apartments into one and dealing with building mechanicals and code restrictions made for a very hands-on renovation.

Downsizing from a spacious house to apartment living presented some space and storage challenges. Holly’s creativity with space planning and cabinet design maximized every opportunity. Between the living room and study, two pairs of eight foot tall glass doors sit in front of a large TV/storage cabinet. The doors slide seamlessly to close off the study from the living room. The study is further built out with custom bookcases, and a desk with hidden storage for files, laptop, printer and message board. Another storage solution was created in the foyer. Encompassing a shallow floor-to-ceiling niche, a custom built-in adds an abundance of storage. Artwork hung on the wood doors further tricks the eye as to the utility hidden behind. Additional hidden storage solutions can be found throughout the apartment.

Originally much of the furniture came from the contemporary Deerfield home. Over time, the clients desired a softer, more luxurious feel. This transformation occurred over time with many small projects. The transformation culminated in recent years with a new kitchen and reupholstering several pieces of furniture.

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Photos: Jared Powell Photography

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